repro-team Trier


The Preprint and Data Management Specialists

Founded in 1973, we are one of Europe’s most modern and experienced preprint and data management companies. Based in Trier, we deliver the very highest quality to our renowned clients just-in-time. Thanks to innovative data management, we can save you time and money.

Relying on the latest technology and a long company tradition, we are the first stop for preprint in offset, gravure, flexo and screen printing for folding boxes, packaging, displays, labels, bags, cans, advertisements, sales folders, flyers, brochures, mailings and PoS materials.

We Know What You Need!

Our more than 30 employees are here to give you the best advice, processing, handling and coordination from layout to high-end data delivery.

From CGI and 3D animation to AR-IR to realistic dummies: Our team knows the requirements par excellence. We are your team players. Working hand in hand with printers, agencies and preprint, we identify the right process to deliver the best results for your print products.

We know what you need!

At a Glance

  1. Founded: 1973
  2. Area of activity: worldwide
  3. Headquarters: Trier
  4. Company type: GmbH
  5. Management: owner-managed
  6. Employees: 35
  7. Client relationship (years): ~ 17.5

Software in Use

  1. Graphics program:
    Adobe Illustrator
  2. Layout program:
    Adobe Indesign
  3. Animation program:
    Cinema 4D
  4. Image editing:
    Adobe Photoshop
  5. High-end programs:
    ArtPro, PACKZ

Core Competency

  1. We make sure that your data maintains technical consistency for printing.
  2. Acting as an interface between manufacturers, agencies and printers, we guarantee the highest quality standards.
  3. Through our structured archive and online data management, we keep track of your data throughout the process.